Baby Cannon Conversion Kit

This conversion kit will convert your large foam machine by Foam Daddy to a Baby Foam Cannon which will enable to shoot foam out 20 to 24 ft. The kit includes one gallon of Foam Daddy gel solution, baby cannon extension net and cone. Foam machine is not inclusive.

Launcher Sock for the Super E Foam Machine by PartyMachines

This launcher sock for the Super E Foam Machine by PartyMachines is easy to attach with its velcro. A quick one minute replacement and you can launch foam into your party. Listed item is for the launcher sock only. Foam machine not inclusive.

Launcher Sock for the Sky Dancer Foam Machine

This launcher sock for the sky dancer foam machine launches foam into the air into the party. Easy to install with its velcro. You can make your own foam cannon solution with this launcher sock attachment.

Output Increaser for Super E Foam Machine

This PVC attachment fits the Super E foam machine and is designed for a 50% more foam output with an extra sprayer nozzle. The replacement process requires no tools and take less than 2 minutes.

Spiral Spray Atomizer for PartyMachines Foam Machine

This spiral spray atomizer fits any foam machine from PartyMachines. Replacing the 2 shrub sprayer heads increases the foam output of the machine. It will also reduce clogging of the sprayer by up to 94%. Replacement process takes a minute and no tools are necessary.

1/3 HP Submersible Water Pump with Float Switch

This 1/3 horsepower submersible water pump consumes 250 watts of power. It comes with an automatic float switch which prevents the pump from burning up when the water level is low. The submersible pump is a good addition to building your own foam machine or if there is insufficient waterRead More →

Boom Stand for PartyMachines Super E Foam Machine

Boom stand for use with the Super E Foam Machine by PartyMachines. Easily setup within a minute, with an adjustable height up to 6 ft. For added stability, sandbags or weights could be added to the sturdy base.